Member profile – from those in attendance

5 - have no bees
10 - first season
6 - two – three years
4 - more than three years

What should the club be doing?

  • Sharing good practice and general knowledge
  • Problem solving
  • Buy, swap, sell equipment – what is safe to get 2nd hand, pitfalls, necessities
  • Practical small group workshop days – extraction, setting up/making frames, wasp trap making, etc
  • Mentoring in small groups or individually between new and experienced members
  • Social and sharing activities
    - Excursions – perhaps to local members who have several hives and lots of experience?
    - Events – Stringybark Festival October 17th and 18th , Community Space at Knox for World honey bee day August 15th
  • Sale of honey – requirements, safety, extraction conditions, registration, labelling, etc
  • August meeting – setting up, swarms, honey competition, possibly guest speaker re plants
  • September meeting – requirements for selling honey, more on setting up
  • October – pests and making wasp traps
  • November – meeting plus a Saturday local excursion to members hives?
  • Beginners workshop in mid August for new members wishing to set up hives this season
  • Purchase additional extraction kit equipment for club use – knife, capping tray, etc
  • Try and source new tins and wire for wasp trap workshops – Leanne to follow up
  • Leanne to contact Knox and Yarra Ranges Councils to let them know to contact CCH re swarms in local properties.

Information for members or search for CoonaraBeekeepingClub in Facebook and apply to join our closed group